Artist Statement by Ed Luckman

As a photographer I view nature as everything that makes up our world.  We experience nature through all of our senses:  visually by what we see as in a magnificent sunset, touching by what we feel as in a gentle cool breeze off a waterfall and by smell as in the fragrance of spring flowers.  All of these help us experience the wonderful world that God has created.

My goal as a nature photographer is to capture and share through my photographs the feelings I have experienced through these senses.  It is my desire that when viewing my work one can experience these same senses and both physically and spiritually share in what I have felt.

I especially try to capture and share the many wonders throughout Oregon with its varied seasons, colors and environment

Ed is an amateur photographer living in Beaverton, Oregon, is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, passionate about the Social Principles and is concerned about the environment, especially our changing climate.

All Photographs under Copyright by Ed Luckman, Beaverton Oregon.

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